Sizzla Voices ‘No Vaccine’ Protest Song

Sizzla Voices ‘No Vaccine’ Protest Song

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Unlike some of his musical counterparts who have chosen to grumble away on social media about lockdowns, mask-wearing and the coronavirus vaccine, Reggae star Sizzla Kalonji has frontally documented his anti-vaccine stance, in a new song tentatively titled No Vaccine.

The Mash Dem Down artist debuted the protest track on Instagram during a live session from his base at Judgment Yard in August Town, in St. Andrew on Tuesday, almost five months after he made his first anti-vaccine rant.

The anti-COVID vaccine song is the first from a Jamaican artist, and appears to be the first such voiced by an artist in the Western Hemisphere, at least since 2021.  Sizzla’s song comes several days after British singer, Ian Brown, lead vocalist of the group Stone Roses claimed that his controversial anti-lockdown song titled Little Seed, Big Tree which he released last September, had been “removed from Spotify in an act of ‘censorship’”.

In his Live IG feed, Sizzla gave a one-minute preamble where he demanded that all Jamaicans, including, politicians, refuse to take the vaccine as ‘it was designed with bad intentions’.

“Stop scare us with this coronavirus and dis vaccine ting; it ain’t go work.   And mi a meck sure mi a warn yuh, mi nuh wan si nobaddy in di Jamaica Parliament taking no coronavirus vaccine, no one in di military nor di constabulary force; no doctor, no nurse.  Nuttn nuh do oonu suh no come teck none.  Oonu awrite!”

“Di maddas an di fathers an di children dem try no push nuttn inna di yute dem yah vein enuh… Guh suh wid dat,” he added before playing the song, which starts out expressing disbelief at the actions of the Jamaican State.

“I can’t believe di government is doing dis /I can’t believe di government is doing dis /Selling out Jamaica fi di scientific stupidness…”

Sizzla also went on to demand an explanation as to why the Government had accepted the vaccine, when, according to him it was nothing more than a malediction.

In the song’s repetitive hook, Sizzla dismisses any notion that he would accept being inoculated, belting out: “Guh weh wid yuh vaccine, go weh wid it, Guh weh wid COVID-19, go weh wid it” later declaring that those promoting the immunization should “guh weh wid yuh destruction; I don’t need to follow no slavery instruction…”

According to Sizzla he would be appearing a lot more on social media now, as over the last several months he was busy dealing with “Rastafari studies and poor people business”.

Just as he did in late October last year when he first spoke out against the COVID-19 vaccine on his Instagram live, Sizzla again warned Jamaicans against encouraging homosexual activities and criticized world governments whom he said are pushing the COVID-19 agenda. The Million Times artist had even said that men should not allow COVID to stop them from ‘getting the ladies pregnant’.

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